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Harrogate Physiotherapy Practice and Harrogate Podiatry Practice



Harrogate Podiatry Practice

“What a find John has been as a Podiatrist. Not only is he very friendly and courteous, making you feel completely at ease, but he exudes competence and knowledge when it comes to all things concerning feet, both in care and in the biomechanics. I highly recommend John for all your podiatry needs and associated conditions. John is very professional and experienced in all aspects of lower limb dysfunction.”

S. Munday-Jones, Harrogate

“From the moment you walk through the door of Therapy Wise there is an instant feeling of tranquillity and total professionalism, everyone you meet is pleasant, helpful and courteous.

I have been a regular patient of John’s for 5 years, he is an excellent podiatrist and chiropodist. One feels very privileged to have the benefit of his expertise in looking after one’s feet. He did an assessment on my walking because I had a very painful toe, the solution was a Silicone Toe Prop, it has completely eradicated the pain and walking is a joy, and John makes a new one when I require a replacement. I strongly recommend John and thank him for his care.”

A Bancroft

Thank you so much John and Annelize for your excellent treatment! I am so happy to be back to normal. I’m walking without problem and I Love it! You are both amazing. Thank you.

C. Dallas, Norwich

“Having had problems with multiple stubborn verruccae on my foot for several months which wouldn’t shift with various over the counter treatments, John completely healed the problem with his Swift machine with only two treatments”

A. Hearld

“After having no success with getting rid of my wart after two years of trying with cryotherapy and wart gel, I discovered that John Drummond had a treatment called SWIFT.  This treatment was very quick, practically painless and only needed three sessions.  Within a few weeks the wart had completely gone and I am delighted!”

P. Talbot

“As a child I had severe verrucae and warts and had a variety of very painful treatments.  So, when recently, I developed a wart on my hand, I was delighted when John said he could treat it relatively  painlessly.

After three sessions, it has disappeared with no scarring and I can highly recommend the SWIFT treatment.”

A. Richmond

Harrogate Physiotherapy Practice

That was the first time that I have ever had a Physiotherapy appointment of that nature and I can’t tell you how impressed I was! Your knowledge, ability to diagnose and the treatment seemed to me to be quite extraordinary. The improvement following my appointment with you was fairly quick.

I am very grateful indeed and I am sure I will see you again in the future.

Thanks again Annelize.

C Burt

“After several years of increasing knee pain I really believed my running days were at an end. Despite being a skeptic at first, six weeks of physiotherapy and I was running pain free with a smile on my face and haven’t looked back (except when overtaking)! Fantastic results and great value for money! I’d strongly recommend Annelize whose warmth and expertise are in equal measure. “

J. Royle, Harrogate

“While there may be other physiotherapists in Harrogate, I don’t think any of them share Annelize’s particular specialization in lower-extremity injuries. Her insight into mechanisms of injury, and her range of skills in addressing them, is unprecedented in my experience.On her first consultation, she identified the bad habits that had led to the injury, started me on a regimen of exercises to retrain my musculature, manual therapy to improve my tissue function, and gave me my first taste of her energetic, motivational style of coaching. The end result: after six weeks, I had returned to a normal running routine, and I now have a range of motion in my right knee that I haven’t enjoyed in years – all without the expense of surgery and its loss of time at work.”

K. Love, Menwith Hill

“I just wanted to say that I’ve seen a lot of physiotherapists during my athletic career, including many at the premiership rugby club I was at for six years and also at University and in the Royal Marines and I would most definitely rather see Annelize over any of them without hesitation. It was fantastic to see how enthusiastic she was about solving the problem and so refreshing to see how deep she goes in terms of trying to workout the cause rather than focusing on the symptoms. I could listen to her speak for hours and she has really opened my eyes to the ‘other side of the coin’, which is where I think I’m going to find the healing that both my body and mind need. It feels like I’m starting from scratch again but I know it’s a journey and one that I definitely feel excited to be starting.”

B. Reid, Harrogate

“Having suffered with neck pain and headaches for the past 10 years, I can’t tell you how very grateful I am to Emma for giving me my life back. It is very clear that her unique service and expertise cannot just be replaced by ‘any old physiotherapist’.”

S. Pensilva

“My recent visit was for very long term low back pain. Having been to several physiotherapists in the past for the same problem, I received temporary relief because it was all focused-on symptoms and not the cause. I was beginning to lose faith in my pain ever being resolved. Emma’s examination was the most thorough I have received and I was grateful for a diagnosis – finally. 2 months on, I am 90% there – not bad given how chronic my situation was.”

M. Launceston

“I am very grateful to Emma as she has got me back to playing squash after an extremely painful shoulder injury. She quickly identified the problem, started treatment and got me back on the road to recovery. Her knowledge and treatment skills were much appreciated as I am now back playing squash better than ever. Thank you!”

J. Launceston