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Toe Nail Surgery

Toe Nail Surgery


Toe Nail surgery

On occasion an ingrown nail becomes too advanced for conservative treatment and may require a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic.

The Podiatrist at TherapyWise understands how nervous some patients are with the prospect of surgery. However, the process is usually not as painful as having the actual ingrowing nail.

_DSC6100.1What can I expect on the day of my surgery?

After taking a detailed history from the patient to determine eligibility, the surgery can be performed on site in our relaxing and comfortable treatment rooms.

You will need to allow about an hour altogether, although the procedure itself only takes 10-15 minutes. You will never feel rushed and we will only continue when you are happy and relaxed.

You will require 2 anaesthetic  injections, 1 either side at the bottom of the toe and this is the only time that you may feel some discomfort. These will numb the toe completely and you won’t have any discomfort for the rest of the procedure.

Post-operative Care

After the surgical procedure, the toe will be dressed and you will be able to go home. You should not drive after having the anaesthetic, which should take a few hours to wear off.

You will be given an advice sheet and your Podiatrist will also give you a follow-up phone call within 24hours of your surgery.

There will not be a need to have periods of time off work or school but the area may be a little tender for a while and full healing time generally takes anywhere up to about 4 weeks.

Follow-up appointments after surgery?

Following surgery you will need to be seen again in 2 days time. This will allow your Podiatrist to check that the procedure went according to plan and that there isn’t any infection. Another dressing will be applied and you will be given extra to re-dress yourself. You will be advised and shown how to look after the toe before coming back one week later. Aftercare is very important to us and your Podiatrist will keep seeing you at regular intervals until he is certain the toe has healed.  All follow- ups are included in the initial fee.

If you would like to discuss possible surgical intervention with the Podiatrist then you may either give us a call or come in for a free consultation. Contact us on 01423 544004.