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Systemic Health: Inquiring from within

By Annelize Ferreira, February 2016 I often come across clients whose physical manifestations of discomfort are closely related to their systemic health (whole body system including internal health). Without the entire internal system being healthy the aches and pains do not respond as well, or at all with physiotherapy treatment. Often, things feel a bit […]

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Do you have a Breathing Pattern Disorder?

By Annelize Ferreira, October 2014 Have you thought about your breathing today? Probably not… For most of us breathing is an unconscious and automatic process. Apart from supporting life, the mechanism of breathing supports many other physiological and structural functions in the body that is crucial for the health of your connective tissue and overall wellbeing. […]

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Stronger calves for injury free performance!

By Annelize Ferreira, June 2014 “The reason why your leg is injured is because your quads and hamstrings are weak and you have poor gluteal strength. ”  Does this sound familiar?? It has probably prompted you to spend many hours in the gym strengthening these ‘powerhouse’ muscles. Have you ever heard your physiotherapist, trainer or coach […]

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