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Wart and Verrucae Treatment

Wart and Verrucae Treatment


swift wart and verrucea removal
microwave energy for removal of warts and verrucae

the best wart and verrucae treatment

Wart and verrucae treatment from over the counter medications are often ineffective and with many doctor’s and hospital’s unable to offer treatment it can be tricky to get rid of these infections.

We offer the latest in technology, developed in the UK by Swift, for the safe and easy removal of warts and verrucae. It has been licensed for treatment of warts and verrucae in podiatry and dermatology.

How it works

Swift technology delivers microwave technology from a special probe which is applied to the infected area. The treatment lasts around 2 – 3 seconds and you may experience a little discomfort during the procedure – similar to an injection or scratch sensation. In some cases the treated area may be a little sore afterwards, but this will not affect your day to day activities. Usually one treatment is sufficient, however our Podiatry will advise you during your first consultation if a second treatment is likely to be needed. Second treatments usually take place between 14 and 30 days of the initial

The science!

Warts and verrucae can exist several millimetres under the skin, which is why they can be difficult to treat with traditional medication applied to the skin as much of the affected area is either left untreated, or becomes sore.

Swift delivers a concentrated and precise dose of energy to the wart or verrucae, as the microwaves travel in to the affected area water molecules collide and create heat energy in the specific area. This destroys all the infected tissue within the controlled area.

In a few seconds the treatment is completed and healing can begin straightaway and healthy tissue quickly replaces the infected area.

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veruccae treatment for stubborn harrogate-
verruccae treatment for stubborn veruccae

“Having had problems with multiple stubborn verruccae on my foot for several months which wouldn’t shift with various over the counter treatments, John completely healed the problem with his Swift machine with only two treatments”
A. Hearld

how to remove a stubborn veruccae harrogate
how to remove a stubborn veruccae

“After having no success with getting rid of my wart after two years of trying with cryotherapy and wart gel, I discovered that John Drummond had a treatment called SWIFT.  This treatment was very quick, practically painless and only needed three sessions.  Within a few weeks the wart had completely gone and I am delighted!”
P. Talbot

wart removal Harrogate
Swift Wart removal Harrogate

“As a child I had severe verrucae and warts & had a variety of very painful treatments.  So, when recently, I developed a wart on my hand, I was delighted when John said he could treat it relatively  painlessly.

After three sessions, it has disappeared with no scarring and I can highly recommend the SWIFT treatment.”
A. Richmond